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Media Plans for the Future

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Announcement concerning videos and content:

New changes to the video/media schedule in order to be more organized and efficient are as

1. Monthly “dev diaries” the first of each month and we will start this in August. These videos will be of longer length where I will personally sit down and talk about development and address any feedback over the month and talk future goals.
2. Weekly updates with media will still be in effect, however, this will not regularly be in the form of a video. Instead I have plans to display weekly updates more efficiently by utilizing a new system planned for the website. An issue tracker where as goals are completed they get crossed off and a new goal is highlighted. Big milestone achievements will come with a special video. This would include the completed of a section of the game instead of in parts as I have been doing.

Website changes soon to come

1. Revamp of website layout. This is a big goal of mine, to have a new structure to organize for higher quality content and images updated as the game gets updated
2. A goal tracker to visually show how close we are coming in development to a new phase which would be an alpha testing phase.
3. More tools for community engagement still under discussion...

Posted : 06/07/2020 7:12 am