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Patch Notes – July Update: Post Early Control Point Update

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Removal of “Test” Lobby and transitioned into a starter town.
- This lobby was in place to simulate user features through various GUI. We have now implemented a physical town the player interacts with. Adapted the following, with more in the works.
- Over head “town” camera. A zoomed-out camera for maneuvering around the city
- Culling of overhead objects for camera view.
- NPC Starter Classes and Development
o Armor
o Magic
o Stables
o Friends
o Guilds
- Portals and finalization of secure “room” access tokens concurrent with friends list
o Allows free entering and leaving of worlds without having the whole party present at the initialization. Match making operates in this fashion. Instead worlds, dungeons for example, if one party member leaves or needs to visit town they can freely come and go.
- Other miscellaneous town developments.
- Now have intermediate pathing and obstacle avoidance.
- Introduction of a roaming feature for actions while not in combat
- Created “Spawner” Objects. These spawners summon creatures over time and may be destroyed by players after receiving enough damage.
- Overhauled monster class to reflect monster goals more appropriately.
o Intelligence as the over guiding difficulty of a monster
o States and concurrent actions and reactions
o Weapon load-out and weapon preferences for dynamic monster interaction
- Updated graphics for the Staff auto-attack: MageBolt
- Fixed MageBolt’s audio upon collision
World Graphics
Major graphical improvements have been continuously made.
- Retexturing of most environmental assets with flush color schemes and outlining
- Improved camera quality and clarity of image
- Improved scene vibrance
- World building and development for scenes to feel more “alive”
- Key bindings are now displayed over spells on the hot bar

Video Discussion can be found here

Posted : 02/08/2020 6:04 pm