Features: Blessed Isles Online completely revolutionizes online RPG’s by providing instant game-play for our favorite mechanics: Guilds, PVP, PVE, Crafting, Character Development and much more.

Blessed Isles is a fast-paced, PVP and PVE Instanced-MMO. 

Our players are called forth to form clans and battle for supremacy. Unique battles between player designed cities, leads attackers to be unknowing as what to expect. The many features designed to customize, build and destroy structures are primary focuses. 

Discover and learn about the world of Blessed Isles by venturing into varies PVE campaigns. Even find and build up your clans personal dungeon on your Isle to attract attention, good or evil. 

Each guild or player Isles are separate from one another. Fully equipped with all of the mechanics of an MMO, such as character building, city building, dungeons and much more. Blessed Isles removes the travel times and long processes that are making MMO’s less popular today. Instead, trying to pull together the genres of instant action and MMO games, Blessed Isles acts as a medium for all types of gamers. 

No classes and no restrictions. Play the character you want to play.

In the Blessed Isles, there are no predefined characters. The armor you wear, and the weapons you bring to battle are all up to the player. Stat points can be allocated to strength-granting bonuses to melee weapons-or wisdom-increasing the power of healing abilities. Characters are determined by the build you designate. An infinite amount of play-styles exist. Mix and match skills for use with coinciding primary and secondary weapons. Make sure to consider your role in battle and how groups of players can work together to defend or attack opposing players, guilds, or dungeons

Spirit Animal

Each player in Blessed Isles has an attuned spirit animal. Transforming into these animals may only be brief but can change the outcomes of battle. 

Bears provide protections greatly reducing damage. Lions increase the speed toward enemy players, while the elk increase it running away. These are the unique traits of these animals, many more exist within the Isles. Each animal also offers a selected perk. A smaller bonus than its natural perk. Customize your spirit to match how you want to play.


As you play, you can acquire gems stones. These stones possess special powers that can boost your character. Armor itself has no effect on game-play. It is strictly cosmetic. The way you build upon your character is by upgrading, crafting or gathering powerful gem stones that will fit into sockets on your paperdoll.


It all begins with a crest. Create your guild banner and recruit companions. Banners are your guilds identification to other players when you enter battle. Even a symbol can have heavy influence on the outcomes of war. Strengthen your guild, build renown for your crest, and unsettle foes even before you cross blades.

Placement and city information

Upon creating a guild, you are rewarded an Isle of your own. The entirety of this land is a sandbox. You can design your town in any fashion by using our intuitive systems. Players can set traps and prepare for future battles. Recruit NPC’s to guard your walls and make the city lively. And that’s not all. In your town you can invite other players or have everyone meet up for practice. All abilities and functions work within your guild’s city. Its the perfect place to enjoy the action in a quick and easy style of action.

Events for monsters

Your city has a danger level. The higher it is, the more monsters will lurk around your island. Let it get to high and monsters will take up arms and attack your walls. Defend and make sure to keep enemies at bay. Monster attack events and quests will be a part of the clan dynamic. 

 Personal Dungeon

Guilds get a dungeon to take control of. Build up your dungeon by finding monster trophies throughout the varies quest-lines and dungeons. These dungeons protect the riches of your city. During guild battles the winning team will be able to enter the opposing guilds dungeon. If masterfully getting past traps and the monsters within, they can reap rewards from the enemy guild.

Local District Towns

Teleportation to towns enables players to socially interact. Here people can recruit more guild members and organize events. One major function is hosting tournaments. Based on the status of a hosting player, in town tournaments can be held and titles can be rewarded for victors. This on-site event can have spectators and global announcements.

Trade, forming groups to hunt monsters, hiring mercenaries for war, and anything that involves tasks that cannot be completed alone will take place at the public districts and towns. 

Enter World dungeons and conquer beasts.

Collect rewards that boost your weapons and armor. Earn construction points for your city or maybe loot that monster seed that starts your own dungeon. 

This is where you hone your skills as a group and test your mettle as warriors. These creatures aren’t your usual slash, block, follow, and then dead mobs. These beings will try to destroy you and protect what is theirs, using intuitive AI to interact much like a player would

Dungeons are the life blood of the guilds and their cities. A fully immersive experience awaits. Player dungeons will yield the best rewards and can have the best content so find that dungeon and Vanquish it. But, don’t die because if you do you feed the dungeon. What’s that saying? OH yeah, the higher the risk, the greater the reward.  

Looking for thrills? Sieges, Tournaments, Quick or Ranked Play

Blessed Isles Online caters to your needs. We have designed all sorts of options from coliseum gladiator style battles to guild wars. We have mobs that will challenge and ships that will thrill. There are siege weapons and city units ready to defend. Everything for any type of play style. And its all first person, get in your face, high action warfare. We have worked to make it so that large guilds and small guilds can both be successful. Because everything is instanced we can control the balance to ensure some measure equality. Of course we cant fully measure the great players from the not so good. There will always be an imbalance there.

Groups will no longer be just tank, DPS, healer, and secondary they will instead be a mix of everything. As there are no fixed classes there are also no fixed group types. Play styles will be limitless. The axe wielder causes bleeds and does major damage while the hammer stuns and disorients foes. The spear user has range and movement while the dagger leads to poisons and other harmful debuffs.  Mages using fire will burn there enemies while those focusing on air will disrupt and confuse. Earth magic can enhance while doing damage to all and water can heal or destroy as needed.  Sword and board and stealth are other means of attack. So many options and yet only a limited number of slots available. How will you build yourself. What will make you most effective. Ranking systems will be in place to chart your progress and usage of spells.

Good luck to you all as you battle in the realm of the Isles.

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